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Top Ten Food Bank Needs

The top ten items for us would be:
Mayonnaise,  kid pasta in a can, cookies and crackers,
condiments (especially ketchup, barbecue sauce, relish - we have a lot of
mustard), salad dressing, cereal, coffee and tea (including iced tea mix),
shampoo, tooth paste and of course always TP

Urgent Request From Food Bank

The Food Bank is in desperate need of items again.  Please see a partial list below and tips on how you can keep the food bank in mind while doing your shopping. 

The food bank has to spend money buying items such as margarine, cream cheese, hot dogs (now that it's summer), fresh fruit - apples, bananas (cheapest as Sam's), onions, potatoes, carrots, so these are items they could also use.  Clip coupons and look for anything BOGO (such as eggs).

Canned meats (salmon, chicken, Spam, etc)



Brownie Mix


Cooking Oil or Olive Oil


Dry Soup (including Ramen and Simply Asian)


Salt and Pepper

Dry Milk

Spices  (all kinds)

Fruit juice  (boxed or plastic containers)

Pasta Sauce

Pudding and pudding mix (not Jello)

Salad Dressing

"Kids" Pasta BBQ Sauce
Canned Chili Fruit, Canned or otherwise
Queen size blankets, sheets, comforters coffee makers
crock pots jeans, mens size 30x30
microwave women's clothes size 14-16
can opener kids socks

Donations can be dropped off at the Food Bank, which is open Tuesdays from 10:00 am to noon and from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at 3 Wilhenger Drive, Marlborough.  You can drop donations off before those hours on Tuesdays if you leave them on the covered front porch.  You may also email me to arrange for a mutually agreeable time other  than those listed above.

The Food Bank has a working phone now.  Our number is 295-6008.  We do not have an answering machine, so please call during our open hours on Tuesdays. 

Thank you for all you do to support the Marlborough Food Bank.


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