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MBA Committees

One outcome of the 2008 Strategic Planning meeting held on Saturday, January 5th was the assignment of board committees. They are as follow;

Monthly Member Meetings is responsible for coordinating monthly member meetings and guest speakers.

Paula Moran (Chair)

Community Awareness is responsible for showcasing members to the community (through print advertising, web availability, and events) bringing enhanced awareness to the MBA and its members.

Gil Thompson (Chair)
Enza Dandeneau
Greg Murphy
Sharon Reiner
Chris Graves
Sue Farley

Friends of the MBA (Affiliations) is responsible for approaching non-profit groups, town officials, and community service personnel to align with the Marlborough Business Association, for the betterment of all.

Brenda Hill (Chair)
Koreen Ryan

Membership committee will maintain the member database, process new members, post benefits to the website, and mentor new members. Bring awareness of benefits to all members.

Don Kuerner (Chair)
Sue Farley
Craig Robinson

Finance Committee will track membership payments and ensure appropriateness of expenses.

Chris Costa (Chair)
Donna Finocchiaro
Ann Adams

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