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MBA Member of the Month Ė October 2008
Sadler's Ordinary Restaurant

Marlboroughís Sadlerís Ordinary, located on North Main Street in the Marlborough Barn complex, is a restaurant with a rich history and its own set of regulars.  ďOur customer base is steady,Ē explains owner Kevin Haggerty.  ďWe know them all by name.Ē  Haggerty stepped in as owner and chef of Sadlerís fourteen years ago, working side by side with his wife of twenty-nine years, Nancy, whose dining room know-how has helped him tremendously.  The two met at the Blacksmith Tavern in Glastonbury, where Haggerty was working as a chef.

Jay Shea, the original owner of Sadlerís, built the restaurant to replicate an old country house, complete with hardwood floors and two fire places.  He learned that the original  Sadlerís Ordinary was built in the seventeenth century on the shores of Lake Terramuggus as a place for travelers along the route between Hartford and New London to stop for a meal and a rest.

Previously, the menu at Sadlerís consisted mainly of casual fair, with items such as hot dogs and hamburgers.  While Haggerty has maintained that feel, preparing plenty of comfort meals like chicken potpie (his most popular item on the menu), he also offers his customers a more gourmet experience.  Customers can enjoy grilled leg of lamb, Beef Wellington, one of eight designer salads, and a variety of fresh daily seafood specials.  All of this can be topped off with one of Sadlerís five daily home baked desserts.  Customers can also try something different and stop in for Sadlerís Sunday breakfast. 

For the last seven years, Sadlerís has been Zagat quality rated, and its local, farm-to-table ingredients keep customers coming back for more.  Despite the closing of the Marlborough Barn, Sadlerís will continue offering a high-quality dining experience for its customers, as it has for the past fourteen years.  Haggerty is enthusiastic about his upcoming plans to expand the restaurant, which will include an outside terrace.

When asked what he enjoys most about his work, Haggerty answers, ďItís all Iíve done since I was sixteen.  Itís in me.  Iím here at six every morning because I canít wait to get here.Ē 

Right now, Sadlerís is in the middle of its yearly October Fest.  During this time, customers can try a variety of Bavarian fare and choose from six different kinds of German beers.  October Fest is Sadlerís busiest time of year.  Haggerty looks forward to seeing his regulars and always welcomes new faces, as well.  He invites those who havenít yet come to Sadlerís to visit the restaurantís website at for more information.  Here, visitors can view the menu, get directions, make reservations and even find some recipes.      

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