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MBA Member of the Month – August 2008
It’s So Ranunculus ~ Blooming with Creativity

Get ready to be dazzled! When you walk into It’s So Ranunculus, Marlborough’s treasured florist, you are greeted by a selection of unique decorating and gift items, and beautifully displayed flowers of all shapes, colors and textures.  Next, you are welcomed by Leah Miner and Craig Robinson, the energetic daughter and father team who launched It’s So Ranunculus in April 2006 and began a journey that has already touched their valued clients and their community in such positive ways.  

When asked about the name It’s So Ranunculus, Leah mentioned the “independent nature” of the ranunculus flower and the “inspirational curves of its stem.”  Both aspects of this flower truly help define the unique floral arrangements created by this talented and sought-after design team.  “Many times clients come to us because they want something different, although they may not know exactly what they want,” offers Leah.  And that’s where the fun begins: “Leah has a natural talent to connect with the client, decipher their needs and spin her creative and design flair to consistently wow them,” beams her father and business partner, Craig.  The combination of Craig’s business management and administration background and Leah’s floral design experience has created a powerful team that shines with creativity and extraordinary client service. Craig also credits his wife Marla and their family, whose support and encouragement make this journey possible and so enjoyable.   

The client connection is key to the success of It’s So Ranunculus.  Customers seek out floral services for many reasons: weddings, business events, church services, funerals, or even a quick bouquet.   “What I am continually amazed by is the way Leah engages the client to the point of laughter no matter what the reason may be for reaching out for our services,” offers Craig.  “Even in situations such as a funeral, Leah is able to work with the client to create a celebration that is personalized and helps the client connect in a very unique and lasting way.” He offers these comments as he observes his daughter working with clients in the shop’s consultation room, which is set aside for just such personalized opportunities. 

Not only is the client connection important to Craig and Leah, but also the opportunity to make a difference in the community.  As members of the Marlborough Business Association, they believe in investing in the town and making it better with each connection they make. Their services are an integral part of many businesses, churches and the school in town, and they promote and seek out local artists and small businesses for displays in their store.  In addition, the news of their unique designs and focus on the customer is pulling in business from many surrounding towns and neighboring states as well.  A Newport, Rhode Island mansion was a recent recipient of Leah’s creations as wedding bells rang out along the Cliff Walk for one of their valued clients.  

If you have not already done so, a visit to It’s So Ranunculus is a must.  Engaging in the creative atmosphere, experiencing the personalized attention and embracing the floral design talent will create a positive and lasting impression. Leah and Craig await your visit at 3-5 East Hampton Road in Marlborough, the same shopping plaza that houses the Marlborough Bakery, Pat’s Market, Body Works and Taylor’d Touch. They can also be reached by phone at 860-295-1562.  You are in for a floral experience that blooms with creativity, personalized service and the celebration of nature and design that only It’s So Ranunculus can provide.     

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