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MBA Member of the Month – July 2008
Bert Miller -
Human eSources
® - Helping Students Succeed

Ten years ago, Bert Miller founded a software development company called Human eSources® with a unique guiding principle: to help young people find success in their lives.  By partnering with educators, Miller was able to tap into the best learning products and career development programs available, all of which are specifically designed to motivate students and foster success.  His team at Human eSources® developed these tools into online software products that could be utilized by high schools, colleges, and independent educational counselors.  Over the years, Human eSources® has refined and specialized their products to target all age groups and all stages of life.  They are proud to support approximately 7,000 institutional customers worldwide, with a little over 90 in Connecticut.  For all of their products and programs, the focus remains the same: to help people maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Miller’s team of software developers began by developing and adapting online versions of two time-tested and widely used educational programs: the PEPS Learning Style Inventory and the Do What You Are® Personality Type and Career Interest Assessment.  By administering these online assessments, school counselors are able to identify personal characteristics and personality traits in their students – information that will help students establish effective study skills and make informed decisions about their futures.  These Human eSources® products have been extremely successful in high schools throughout the country.  The company also serves entire states such as North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont, among others, with their products made available to all schools in the states.

One of Human eSources®’ most exciting new products is CollegeScope, a student success program designed to help students with the difficult transition into college life.  The program’s online, interactive curriculum resulting in a database of student information aimed at helping college faculty and counselors identify at-risk students and intervene in targeted ways.  CollegeScope has been extremely well received by colleges that have instituted the program – helping schools increase their retention rates by helping students succeed.

The success of CollegeScope led to an exciting new way to help young people, when it was recently instituted by a juvenile prison system in southern California.  The course is administered (pro-bono) to the inmates through a local community college; the students use the online textbook and their progress is monitored.  “These are kids who need help,” says Miller.  “Because of difficult circumstances in their young lives, they fall through the cracks.  We hope that after successfully completing the CollegeScope Student Success Program, they’ll be motivated to enroll in their community colleges after they get out of prison.”

Human eSources® is now rolling out a similar student success program for high school students –Achieveworks.  And later this year, the company will be introducing a suite of products aimed at individual consumers.  Families whose children do not have access to such educational programs at school, can now purchase them for their individual students.

Using the same principles of identifying learning styles, personality traits, and career interests, Human eSources® was able to adapt their products for adults in the workplace.  With a brand new product launched in December – Employee Development and Productivity (EDAP®) – employees and their managers can utilize the online assessments and programs to figure out the best environment for effective employment and productivity in the workplace.

Because all of their products are entirely online, Human eSources® is able to function as a virtual company.  Working out of his home office in Marlborough, Miller has a team of software developers, sales associates, and marketing professionals scattered throughout the country.  He is also very proud to work with their Board of Advisors, a group of highly specialized Ph.D.s and best selling authors, who advise the company in areas of educational trends and needs, product development, and company direction.  “By partnering with educators,” says Miller, “Human eSources® can access the tools and information that make our products reliable and valid.”

To learn more about Human eSources®, contact Bert Miller at 860-295-1500 or visit their website at


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