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Daily Money Management Service Opens
Press Release: April 30, 2008

Your Financial Organizer, with the goals of simplifying and enhancing your financial life, is a new business located in Glastonbury. Helping very successful people, Ann Adams, the owner of Your Financial Organizer, provides peace of mind and stress relief for her clients by attending to their daily personal financial needs. Her methods include finding ways to save her clients’ money. As Ann states, “Maintaining your financial health is an important part of maintaining your quality of life.”

Her services are intended for people who travel a lot, who have very time intensive jobs, or who are unable to manage their daily finances. She specializes in paying bills, creating categorized budgets, resolving financial disputes, and protecting against Identity Theft. Ann is also knowledgeable about the financial needs of senior citizens. Looking at the overall financial health of her clients, Ann helps people make informed decisions about managing their money.

A resident of Glastonbury, Ann has more than 20 years experience in organization, project management, balancing budgets and managing cash flows. Because all her work is done on-line, her clients can be located anywhere in the United States. For more information about Your Financial Organizer, you can call Ann Adams at 860-659-8345 or email her at

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