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Transitioning to a Healthier Lifestyle at
Bodyworks Fitness Center
Press Release: April 30, 2008

Marlborough, CT [April 30, 2008] At Bodyworks Fitness Center in Marlborough, clients are learning to eat in a new way.  Janice Flanigan, owner of Bodyworks, is pleased to announce the launch of Transitions Lifestyle System, a twelve-week program that promotes healthy eating, exercise, and behavioral management.  A scientifically-based system backed up by clinical studies, this program addresses body composition and the loss of body fat through low-glycemic eating.  Bodyworks is offering twelve weeks of the TLS guided program with a certified coach.  Classes are conducted in a group setting or through one-on-one consultations arranged to meet individual lifestyle needs.

As a jumpstart to the program, Bodyworks offers a one-week cleansing and detoxification that revs up the metabolism and gets rid of toxins and cravings in a healthy way.  The average client can lose five to ten pounds in the first week alone.  The remaining sessions cover a variety of topics designed to promote healthy eating, exercise, and reduced stress.  For one session, participants take a trip to a local convenient supermarket for an interactive lesson on shopping, reading food labels, and making good choices when planning meals.  In addition, Flanigan feels that the Transitions Lifestyle program has more flexibility than many fad diets out there:  “This program is not a diet,” she explains, “it’s a lifestyle.” 

Since Flanigan has introduced the Transitions Lifestyle program at Bodyworks, she is pleased to see the positive changes in her clients: “After eating this way, even for a short period of time, people start to feel better.”  Clients experience weight loss, improved digestion, increased energy, decreased allergies, and stronger immunity to sickness.  “The best part,” adds Flanigan, “is that clients are improving their health while eating delicious foods that are satisfying.  No one on this program should ever feel deprived or hungry.” 

Those interested in learning more about the Transitions Lifestyle System can attend a free Transitions Overview on May 6 from 7–9 p.m.  This Overview will be held at Bodyworks Fitness Center and is part of a week-long open house.  From May 3–11, all classes and workouts at Bodyworks are free.  For more information, contact Bodyworks Fitness Center at (860) 295-9036 or visit them on the web at


Press contact:

Janice Flanigan, 860-295-9036

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