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Press Release: April 2, 2008

On Thursday, March 27, 2008 the Marlborough Business Association held its monthly meeting with over 25 members and guests in attendance. The meeting, co-hosted by the Marlborough Senior Center and Enza Dandeneau of Prudential CT Realty featured an update on Senior events and news in Marlborough, as well as a Connecticut real estate update. Vi Schwarzmann, Director of the Center, in conjunction with the Middle School students, highlighted the Senior Center activities and programs. Seniors participate in dancing sessions and the infamous “red hatters”.

Enza Dandeneau, of Prudential CT Realty spoke about the real estate climate in the local area, “Today’s Glastonbury and Marlborough market has a lot of buyers and not enough sellers. The interest rates are great for mortgages. “ She reminded everyone that while the national news is highlighting the downturn, local real estate is continuing to do well. The group also had an update as we are getting closer to the Blish Park Playscape renovation, and volunteers and donations are still needed.

RHAM’s Career Fair is taking place on Monday, April 14, and MBA members will be there to meet the students and answer any and all questions. Finally, Marlborough’s signature event, Marlborough Day, will be taking place on Sunday, August 24, 2008. Watch for more details.

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