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MBA Member of the Month – April 2008
Paula Moran and Jerry Levine,
Family Nutrition & Massage Center

After just one visit to Family Nutrition & Massage Center in Marlborough, you’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energetic.  Since 1996, Paula Moran and Jerry Levine have been offering massage and spa therapy as the natural, drug-free way to promote good health, relieve pain, and reduce stress.  Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage, a deep-cleansing facial, or new direction in nutrition and weight loss, the staff at FN-MC will provide the perfect program to meet your needs.

Paula Moran leads the “nutrition” side of Family Nutrition & Massage Center, while her husband Jerry Levine oversees the “massage” side.  After studying nutrition in college, she began her career in the health and wellness industry, helping people exercise and eat properly.  After spending 20 years in corporate America, working in the service industry, sales, and marketing, Paula came back full circle to helping people achieve wellness through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  For the past 12 years she has studied nutrition through the resources and experts of Herbalife®, a company that specializes in science-based nutritional products.  When Paula meets with new clients, she begins with a thorough health assessment.  Using the ShapeScan Body Analyzer™, she is able to accurately identify lean body mass, resting metabolic rate, percent body fat, daily caloric needs, protein requirements, and target body weight.  With these tools, Paula helps her clients set weight goals and educates them about healthy eating habits, beneficial daily supplements, and exercise.  As a result, Paula is able to provide a nutrition program designed to meet the needs of each and every client—a program that can be completed with or without the wide array of nutritional products available at FN-MC, such as healthy meals, meal replacements, supplements, and protein snacks.  Right now, Paula and Jerry are getting ready to launch their Spring Weight Loss Challenge.  Participants will attend eight to twelve weeks of classes on a variety of healthy living topics, such as healthy whole grains, balanced nutrition, and exercise.  The registration fees from the challenge are placed into a pool, and the top three weight “losers” take home the winnings.

After 35 years of service as a professional musician in the U.S. Coast Guard Band, Jerry Levine began a new chapter of his life in 1995, when he decided to study massage therapy.  Through his training he discovered the beneficial connection between massage and good health.  “The benefits of massage are extensive,” Jerry explains.  “From improving circulation and breathing, relieving joint pain and muscle soreness, improving digestion and the elimination of toxins, to releasing negative emotions, it is tremendously gratifying to work with someone and see them achieve improved health.”  The entire team of massage therapists at Family Nutrition & Massage Center are Connecticut licensed, nationally certified, and members of recognized national massage therapy associations.  In addition, Jerry holds certifications in orthopedic/medical massage and hot stone massage.  While many regular clients come in for the relaxing benefits of a traditional massage, FN-MC also works with a great number of athletes, personal trainers, and dancers, providing targeted services such as sports massage, treatment for muscle injuries, stretching, and lengthening of muscles.

Dedicated to wellness from the inside out, the team of skin care experts at FN-MC provides a wide variety of treatments designed to deep clean and detoxify the skin.  Paula stresses the importance of caring for your skin on a regular basis: “For consistent results, we recommend quarterly surface treatments to cleanse the skin of toxins caused by stress and air pollution.”  With five private, well-equipped treatment rooms, Family Nutrition & Massage Center offers a number of beneficial treatments, including a Chinese Herbology body treatment, a seaweed body mask, Sedona mud purification, or an exfoliating body polish.  Clients can combine any of these spa treatments with a facial (a deep pore cleansing facial, an age defying facial, an Ayurvedic facial massage, or a vitamin C facial).   Highly skilled aestheticians can recommend just the right spa treatment for all clients, depending on their skin types and any skin problems they may be dealing with.  Many guests combine spa treatments with a massage, manicure, or pedicure for a full afternoon of deep relaxation.

The first time you meet with Jerry or Paula —for massage therapy, spa treatments, or nutrition counseling—they’ll take time to get to know you.  By asking a series of questions, they can uncover your specific needs as well as any pertinent health issues.  You’ll be sure to receive the combination of treatments just right for your body.  Through all the services and products provided at Family Nutrition & Massage Center, you will find the common thread is a focus on each client’s individual needs.  And Paula and Jerry are proud to see their clients enjoying the many health benefits that come with massage therapy and spa treatments. “We feel great when we see our clients getting healthier and feeling better,” says Paula.

For more information about Family Nutrition & Massage Center, or to take the first step toward eliminating stress and feeling better, visit Paula and Jerry at 5 South Main Street in Marlborough, give them a call at 860-295-1466, or visit their website at



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