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MBA Member of the Month – March 2008
Koreen Ryan, Ryan Mortgage

Residents of Marlborough since 1991, husband and wife team Pat and Koreen Ryan have been running Ryan Mortgage together since July 2004.  They began their business with over twenty years of combined experience in the field.  Koreen started out at a small bank in Hartford, then went to a mortgage company, then ended up as a top producing loan officer at a local bank for ten years.  Pat spent some years working with a broker after having been convinced by his wife and a close friend to enter the mortgage business.   

Having run several businesses in the past, Pat was already comfortable with the idea of self-employment, and felt ready, once again, to make the shift to working for himself.  For Koreen, the decision to become a business owner and head out on her own was a little more nerve wracking. Leaving the position of Assistant Vice-President of a great local bank was certainly a leap of faith.  When asked how she feels now, years later, about her decision to start Ryan Mortgage, she answers, “I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.”

Ryan Mortgage specializes in arranging for residential mortgage financing for clients, both for the purchase of a new home or the refinancing of an existing one.  The Ryans work with several different lenders to find the right products to meet their clients’ needs.  Pat explains that banks are somewhat limited in what they can offer their clients, but Ryan Mortgage is able to make a much wider range of products available.  And because of that, “there are few people we need to turn away,” he says.

Koreen and Pat pride themselves on providing their clients with plenty of hand-holding and one-on-one consulting.  Koreen states that if clients are having difficulty managing their bills, she and Pat do what they can to “help them improve their financial status going forward.”             

The Ryans easily recognize how overwhelming it can be to buy a home, and they stay with their clients from the start of the application process to the closing.  As a two-person team, they are able to keep track of each other’s clients and make certain that all are getting the personal attention they deserve.  “They’re buying the biggest item of their entire life,” Koreen says of their clients.  “Yet when dealing with larger, less personal companies, they may not always be getting the best quality service.” 

Pat remarks that the most common question he is asked about their business is, “how do we get paid?”  He explains that they are paid by the lenders directly and that, in most cases, they don’t need to charge a thing to the borrower.  “They get the benefit of our advice for free,” he adds. 

Ryan Mortgage is located in the Marlborough Tavern Green Plaza.  For more information about their services, contact them at (860) 295-8000 or visit their website at

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