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MBA Member of the Month – January 2008
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Many of us in Marlborough, CT recognize the name Gil Thompson. Perhaps you may be one of his fortunate web page clients with Gilpages Web Design or a parent or youth whom he has positively impacted in Scouting. Or maybe you are a current UPS colleague or simply a casual acquaintance that enjoys his wit and sparkle. No matter what the connection, you know Gil is thoughtful, attentive, highly skilled in his trade and just great fun to be around.

With almost 30 years of experience in programming and technical design, Gil originally owned Greenline Computing, where he built and repaired computers. Having this expertise enables Gil to approach his web site design on a holistic level that connects client needs with system capability. Gil combines this knowledge with his solid customer and technical support experience with UPS and a marketing focus that supports client growth and objectives.

In 2005, Gil started Gilpages Web Design, where he created the opportunity to apply his technical expertise, his design creativity and his attention to detail. “The success is in the details,” offers Gil when talking about creating a quality product. He works with each client upfront to draw out the needs, the product definition and the “process” to bring the web pages to life. Gil sees web pages as active tools “that invite the customer into the business” and provide valuable and real-time metrics for customer usage. “A website should be an income generator and should be monitored and developed as one would their own employee,” Gil adds wisely. As such, Gil recommends the assessment of website usage to his clients to ensure the tools are inviting traffic and are positioned to attract customers. “You want the customer to have a reason to come back,” adds Gil continuing to apply his design logic from the client perspective. In addition, when you have a client who is offering a service, you want their web page patron to “leave with something in hand.” As such, Gil continues to set himself apart by applying his wide range of knowledge – customer service, client centered focus, technology based, creative design and use of measures and assessments.

The launch of Gilpages Web Design was actually an extension of Gil’s initial web design and development work with his highly utilized Scouting website You are invited to visit this site to get a hands-on experience of Gil’s attention to detail, his ability to “speak” to a wide range of audiences and his command for creative design that engages the reader and site visitor.  Imbedded in this site is Gil’s personal commitment to growth and development. Knowing this, it is no surprise that he approaches all his endeavors with a thoughtful analytic mind which is always creating new and different ways to help others achieve. Gil continues to enjoy 25 years of experience in Scouting and has recently begun making his mark in adult leader training. 

Gil also continues to enjoy his passion for photography and has found an excellent outlet for his creative expression in his web design work. When not involved with his full-time commitment to UPS, or his web design business, or his volunteer work with Scouting, Gil enjoys time with his wife and two grown sons – one of whom provided an opportunity to have a “web cam” Christmas, connecting Gil’s family in Marlborough with his son and daughter-in-law in England. Again, always seeking out the best use of technology to meet a desired need – in this case, uniting family, nurturing relationships and creating memories.  

Please feel free to connect with Gil at or by phone at (860) 295-0734. Regardless of the reason to reach out to Gil, you are sure to experience a thoughtful exchange, and if lucky, a bit of his wit and humor.   

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