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MBA Member of the Month – November
Enza Dandeneau – Investing in Relationships and Making Dreams a Reality

Prudential Realty 

There are many people we encounter in our lives – some come, some go, and some touch us in a way that we want them to stay. Enza Dandeneau is one of those people who connects with others and typically does so at a time that is pivotal in their lives – buying or selling their home. Enza is one of those folks you want to stay and who you want to stay connected with. Perhaps it is her energy, her zest, and her humor.  Or perhaps it is because she has a way of listening, understanding your needs, and helping you turn your dreams into reality.

Enza’s connection with real estate began years ago as the daughter of a home builder and later in her connection with real estate advertising. For twenty-two years, Enza has practiced and fine-tuned her expertise in real estate. Her career has allowed her the opportunity to manage her personal life, as a mother of three children, and grow her real estate business. Enza, along with the support of her husband and business partner Stephen, has built a client base grounded in the principles of a solid customer connection, expertise in the real estate profession, and a sincere desire to bring people and their dreams together.

When reflecting on what makes her successful and what defines her among others within the same profession, Enza mentions the need to truly understand her clients and where they are in their lives. “You need to be able to meet people where they are, to understand their needs and dreams and use all your resources to open up opportunities for them,” says Dandeneau. Enza thrives on “bringing people together” and enjoys and seeks out the connection required to effectively service her clients.

Enza credits the success of her business to return clients and referrals. Enza adds, “If you want to know if someone is any good ask the question, ‘would you use their services again’?” Enza’s base of highly satisfied clients make an affirmative answer as they continue the business connection, refer business, and invest in keeping the relationship alive. “It is all about relationships and the value you provide the client,” says Enza.    

In addition, Enza credits other real estate agents who refer her business, and she values the network of experts she freely refers clients to for a multitude of real estate and home issues.

On the personal side, the Dandeneau’s are long time residents of Marlborough and are often found supporting various RHAM events including cheering on the varsity soccer team where their daughter is the starting goalie. Enza and Stephen also have two grown sons. 

If you are in need of real estate services you can contact Enza at Prudential Connecticut Realty or by calling 860-652-4575.  Experience the difference she brings.

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