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MBA Member of the Month – September 2007
Ann Adams, Your Financial Organizer

Ann Adams, Your Financial Organizer

A resident of Glastonbury for the last twelve years, Ann Adams has spent the last year in business for herself as a financial organizer.  She performs a number of services for her clients, including paying their bills, creating customized budgets, balancing their checkbooks, resolving financial disputes, and providing tax documentation, among other things.  Through a subcontracting arrangement, Adams also offers monitoring for identity theft, and sends monthly emails informing her clients of the status of their credit. 

Over the last five years, Adams has worked to develop an effective method of bill payment using an automated spreadsheet that shows her clients’ cash flow on a weekly basis.  Once a week, her clients receive an email snapshot of their bank account.  By keeping such careful record of her clients’ finances, she is able to quickly identify any unusual activity, and works to resolve any problems through her subcontracting arrangement.

Another useful service Adams offers is a breakdown of her clients’ expenses for the month, both by vendor and by category.  Then, she reviews this with her clients to see what adjustments can be made and where, if needed, they may be able to cut back on their spending. 

Adams explains that her services are ideal for someone “who wants to be meticulous about their daily money management, but for whatever reason, they’re not able to.”  Or, she adds, “for those who would rather spend their time doing something else.” 

According to Adams, the most important aspect of her business is to develop a strong sense of trust with her clients.  She has a detailed security plan in place, which includes working with an outside consulting firm to ensure the security of her computer.  In addition, she offers her clients a pledge of integrity as well as a background check on herself at her own expense.  “I make it a priority to do whatever I can to go above and beyond to put my clients’ minds at ease.”

Adams has a background heavy in project management and budget handling.  Prior to becoming a financial organizer, she and her husband owned a country French antique store.  Here, she gained experience as an entrepreneur and developed an interest in bookkeeping.  Now, she has perfected the skills involved in the field of money management, and she enjoys sharing this knowledge with her clients.  Because all her work is done on-line, she can provide services for clients located anywhere in the United States.

To learn more about Ann Adams, Your Financial Organizer, contact her at (860) 659-8345 or email her at

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