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MBA Member of the Month – June
Cina Friend - Cina Photography

Cina Friend, a Marlborough resident of eight years and owner of Cina Photography, first became interested in photography over thirty years ago, when her now grown son was just a baby. He’d always hated having his picture taken professionally, and Friend realized that between the studios’ high prices and the less than satisfying results, she could do a much better job herself. After retiring from her job with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Child and Family Services, Friend began her career as a professional photographer, and has been in business for the past three years. Originally, she worked out of her home, and since November, from her own studio. Her husband is also involved in the business, and as soon as he retires, the two will run Cina Photography together.

Experienced in all areas of photography, Friend photographs everything - special events, weddings, portraits, as well as commercial buildings for use in brochures. She also edits and blends photos, changes them to water colors, prints on canvas, and creates photo montages for her clients. “I consider my photography art. It’s much more than just a photograph,” she explains, fully enjoying the creative side of her profession.

Friend describes herself as very meticulous and takes a lot of pride in the quality of her work. “Nobody leaves unhappy. My work is guaranteed. I keep doing it until they’re happy.” Another way she meets her clients’ needs is to make herself available anytime they want her.

One of Friend’s favorite things about her photography business is watching the thrilled looks on her clients’ faces when they see themselves in their photos. “What did you do?” they often ask her, shocked at the variety of looks that can come from just one photo. Cina loves seeing this side of her clients, remarking that people are often so tense in front of the camera. “I don’t just take pictures,” she says, differentiating herself from the major chain studios. “I take it one step up.”

Cina is a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and received an award for an outdoor photograph of Moxie Falls that she submitted to the International Society of Photographers in 2005. For more information about Cina Photography, visit her website at

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