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Shaklee Corporation Supports Arctic Expedition on Climate Change
News Release
Bob Johnson, Shaklee Independent Distributor

Contact: Bob Johnson, 349 Addison Road,Glastonbury, Ct

Connecticut Students Can Follow Expedition in Classroom or Online

Pleasanton, CA, March 21, 2007 - Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. and the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment, has initiated an educational campaign surrounding National Geographic award-winning polar explorer, Will Steger and his Arctic expedition. The expedition, which runs from now until early May, records the impact of changing weather on the Inuit, an Arctic-dwelling people. Local Shaklee entrepreneurs are taking Steger’s message to educators and providing free expedition maps so students can follow expedition progress.

“Long before climate change received worldwide attention, Will Steger and Shaklee nurtured a deep respect and interest in the environment,” said Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett. “This is the fourth Steger expedition supported by Shaklee. We remain a long-term partner because of our mutual interest in protecting the health of people and the planet.”

Added Bob Johnson of Glastonbury, “By raising awareness of this expedition and providing free maps, we hope teachers and students can easily follow Will Steger’s journey and at the same time, learn how they can make a difference in our own community.”

Steger’s expedition posts daily video and audio updates on The Web site also offers National Geographic certified lesson plans available free of charge.

“Shaklee’s interest in protecting the environment makes the company a perfect partner,” said Will Steger. “The high quality of Shaklee products is essential for us in what we do because failure is not much of an option when it comes to survival.”

Roger Barnett said, "We each have a personal responsibility to do our part to make the world a better and safer place for our children and future generations.”
Shaklee Environmental Legacy

Shaklee has a long history of environmental stewardship. In 1960, Shaklee developed Basic-H® Concentrated Organic Cleaner, one of the first biodegradable cleaning products in the U.S. and an official Earth Day product in 1990. In 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its CO2 emissions. In 2002, Shaklee received the EPA’s Climate Protection Award for its CO2 emission-reduction programs. In 2006, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai became Global Ambassador for A Million Trees. A Million Dreams.™, a Shaklee environmental campaign that raises awareness of global climate change and initiates efforts to plant trees in North America and Africa. That same year, Shaklee became a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leader and pledged to maintain a net zero impact on climate change and offset 100 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions from 2006-2009.

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About Shaklee Corporation

For 50 years, Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium quality, natural nutrition and personal care products, environmentally-friendly household products, and state-of-the-art air and water treatment systems. Shaklee was the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net-zero impact on the environment. With a robust product portfolio, including over 45 patents and patents pending worldwide, Shaklee has more than 750,000 Members and Distributors worldwide and operates in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. For more information, visit


An initiative of the Will Steger Foundation, begins in Iqaluit on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, and spans 1,200 miles through five Inuit communities – some of the world’s most isolated and remote villages. These local people, indigenous to the Arctic coasts, are most severely impacted by climate change. Through the Internet and regular Web broadcasts, Steger hopes to help educate the public, raise broad awareness about the real and urgent threat of global warming, inspire action and affect policy change. The expedition Web site,, also has National Geographic-approved lesson plans, discussion starters, resources, an interactive forum and opportunities for action. These resources are all free

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