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MBA Member of the Month – March
Brendon Montstream
, Streamline electric

Streamline Electric

A second generation life-long resident of Marlborough, Brendon Montstream of Streamline Electric, has been offering his services to local residents and the surrounding area since July of 2006. Prior to starting his own business, he spent the last eight years in the electrician field, having completed his on-the-job training with the best commercial service company in the state. His training there gave him a wide range of experience and prepared him well for the work he does for his clients. “I had my hands in just about everything,” he explains, confident that whatever electrical problem his customers face, he’s likely encountered it before.

Montstream came to this field as a result of some advice given by an electrician friend of his. Feeling dissatisfied with his current job, Montstream decided to follow his friend’s lead and become an electrician himself. He was quick to learn that he enjoyed the work, especially appreciating the variety that it brings to his days. Not only did he find the work interesting, he excelled at it, graduating first in his class at the Independent Electrical Contractors of New England Apprenticeship Program. Montstream admits he is quite meticulous about his work, and he finds his preference for neatness to be an advantage in the electrician field. In fact, he considers his unofficial slogan to be, “When how it looks is just as important as how it performs.”

In general, Montstream works with residential and light commercial repairs. He does equipment installation, service upgrades, and generator installation, among other things. He offers free estimates for his customers, as well as twenty-four hour emergency service, and he gives discounts to local residents and those in the immediate area. For more information about the services provided by Streamline Electric, contact Brendon Montstream at (860) 467-6466.

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