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MBA Member of the Month – February
Greg Murphy, Lombardo Insurance

Lombardo Insurance – It’s All About Saving Our Clients Money

Meet Greg Murphy – a Marlborough, CT resident for 14 years, a proud dad of a 3-month-old daughter, an expert in all lines of insurance, and a man who truly cares about finding his clients the most cost effective insurance coverage to best manage their unique needs.

Entering the world of insurance 23 years ago, Greg built his expertise starting in a small insurance agency, then working for Aetna Property & Casualty as a rater, underwriter and in sales. Moving on to enjoy success in direct sales in an agency setting, partnering to launch an Internet-based insurance business and then returning to the client-centered nature of an independent insurance agency with Lombardo Insurance.

Greg originally worked with Lombardo Insurance for 11 years starting back in 1986 where he enjoyed a solid book of business with property and casualty, commercial and personal lines clients. Moving on to the intrigue of an Internet-based venture, Greg and his partners became “work-site marketing” pioneers as they created a business placing agents in a commercial based setting. Greg and his partners excelled in raising $140 million in capital and did so by selling a remarkable concept. Through this entrepreneurial experience, Greg is uniquely qualified to understand the issues facing business owners and to apply his vast knowledge of technology.

A typical day finds Greg calling potential clients, learning about their renewal schedule, setting up and conducting client meetings, researching coverage, writing proposals, preparing quotes and servicing his existing customers. Greg thoroughly enjoys his client connections and the chance to meet and connect with many people. Greg’s biggest challenge is providing money saving information to potential clients only to have the contact’s current agent meet the same terms once Greg’s research is put on the table. “It’s all about saving money for a client and creating solid client relations,” mentions Greg. “It does become challenging at times to spend valuable research time and have another agent benefit in the long run. Regardless of the reality of his profession, Greg stays positive and consistently finds ways to save his clients money. “Just recently, I saved a client $400 and increased his coverage” – a “win-win” for another satisfied customer.

Lombardo Insurance is a full service agency with its main office in West Hartford, CT and a branch office in Glastonbury, CT. The Glastonbury office is where you will find Greg servicing existing customers, reaching out to potential clients and all the while finding the best deal for those he connects with. The Lombardo Agency believes in high-touch services for their clients and always has a friendly and knowledgeable employee responding to caller inquiries – no need to worry about getting voice mail. In addition, Lombardo is organized with dedicated contacts for each line of business and, as an independent agency, acts as a consumer advocate. Acting with the insurer as the primary focus, caring enough to find the best deal on coverage and cost, and appreciating the unique needs of each client make Greg and Lombardo Insurance a powerful team.

Greg welcomes the opportunity to review a customer’s existing insurance policy to ensure appropriate and cost effective coverage and to begin building a trusting relationship. “I have a good chance to save a client money because we are connected with very competitive companies,” offers Greg. Although Lombardo Insurance is a full service agency offering personal and commercial financial services, life, disability, medical and dental, Greg also specializes in coverage for contractors, electrical heating and air conditioning specialists, restaurants and specialty stores. Greg can be reached directly at 860-734-0030 and he looks forward to finding you the best deal.

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