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Janice Flanigan, Bodyworks

Bodyworks – Helping a Community Reach for its Goals

Many people will admit they don’t love to exercise. Yet every day, Janice Flanigan, owner of Bodyworks Fitness Center in Marlborough, witnesses quite the opposite. “No matter how reluctant they might be, five minutes into their workout, people are smiling and energized.” It is this positive environment that has kept Janice inspired by her business for the past thirteen years.

Taking a Chance
A one-time resident of Marlborough, Janice kept ties with the town even after moving to Glastonbury, often bringing her young daughter to play at Blish Park and Lake Terramuggus. When a health club became available for sale in 1993, Janice saw this as a chance to fulfill a dream. “In my 20’s I had written up a business plan to own and operate a gym.” Instead Janice found herself working in transportation, with a possible move into investment and finance. Seizing this chance to change course once again, Janice purchased this small health club off Dickinson Road, and with the help of three-year-old Alexandra, named it Bodyworks. As a single mom, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to support herself and still spend time with her daughter.

Within one year, it became clear that Bodyworks would be a success. Janice moved the fitness center to its new location in the Marlborough Tavern Green. She purchased new equipment, and eventually expanded again to fill five store units. Thirteen years later, Bodyworks has one-thousand members, over fifty weekly classes taught by certified fitness instructors, and a host of full-service fitness opportunities. Janice and her staff are continually adding and updating their services to keep current with the latest fitness trends.

Something for Everyone
The Bodyworks mission can best be summarized with the following words from their website at

Bodyworks Fitness Center is a locally owned and operated health club serving the residents of Marlborough and the surrounding towns since 1993. Our team of professionals will work with you to design a personalized fitness program to suit your individual needs. Recent research and studies have shown what we at Bodyworks Fitness Center have always known: A consistent, well-structured fitness program offers many life-enhancing benefits. From increased energy, to stress-reduction, to improved self-esteem, and much more. The staff at Bodyworks Fitness Center welcomes the challenge to make it all happen.

The “main room” of Bodyworks is equipped with cardiovascular machines (treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and a rower) as well as strength training circuit machines and free weights. The attached group fitness room offers space for a variety of classes, such as Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics and Muscle Conditioning. There is also a separate room for cycling classes, two massage therapy rooms, and a tanning bed. Bodyworks provides members with full-service showers and locker facilities and a childcare area.

In January Janice will be offering additional classes to the schedule. They will include:

  • Yoga for Children (ages 2 ½ to 4)

  • Children’s Introduction to Martial Arts (ages 4 - 6)

  • Belly Dancing

  • Self Defense classes for Women

  • Tai Chi classes.

The Importance of Making a Connection
Janice is proud of the state-of-the art equipment at Bodyworks, but does not believe that is what keeps members coming back. “It’s not about what we have for equipment. It’s about how we can help people reach their fitness goals.” And Janice credits her trained and dedicated staff for making that happen. They appreciate how difficult it is for someone to walk through the door. New members often lack fitness-confidence, and they are unsure of how to proceed. The staff at Bodyworks wants to make members feel comfortable and “taken care of” right away. To accomplish this, each new member receives three orientation/personal training sessions as well as one nutrition consultation. Through these connections, members clarify their fitness goals and become motivated to succeed.

These personal connections bring people of all ages and fitness levels through the door, and many of them come to think of Bodyworks as their second home. On any given day, you’ll find families working out together, individuals taking a fitness class on their way home from work, or parents of small children taking advantage of the childcare area while they exercise. Janice loves seeing all these members reach for their goals. “Knowing that we’re helping so many people has been so wonderful for me. I took a chance when I bought this business. If I didn’t try it, I would never know what might have happened.” Looking back thirteen successful years later, Janice is certainly glad that she tried.

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