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Stay-at-Home Moms Celebrate New Business Venture
Press Release by Spectrum Writing

There are no limits to the power of strong writing. A well-written message can increase sales, open up job opportunities, and shape the direction of an organization. This was exactly the kind of thinking that brought three stay at home moms together just one short year ago to form Spectrum Writing Services. As Sheri Dursin prepared to send her twin boys off to kindergarten, she began thinking about re-entering the job market. She wanted what many stay-at-home moms want when contemplating this major shift in gears – flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home – to be able to pick up her children at a moment’s notice if the school called. The idea of starting her own business seemed like an obvious choice, but the question remained: What kind of business? What could she do well that others needed?

In talking with her sister, Ann Marie Ferrante, of North Reading Massachusetts, and close friend, Barbara Meyer, of Marlborough – both stay at home moms as well – Sheri concluded that one of her strongest skills was writing. It was a strength that all three held in common. As an academic counselor at Boston University, Sheri had written numerous training manuals, project reports, and informational brochures; and had more recently worked as a consultant writing a large scale employment training curriculum for a national non-profit organization. Ann Marie had also spent several years working in the non-profit sector, where she wrote customer service materials, then shifted gears and became a teacher, where she wrote curriculum material and learned to teach writing as a craft. Barbara’s writing experience added yet another expertise to the team. She came from the corporate world, where she developed business plans and strategy documents, handled project management, was involved in marketing focus groups and consulted on a wide range of human resource disciplines. And with five degrees among the three of them, they’d all done countless hours of research and academic writing.

Soon to join the Spectrum team was Mark Dursin, offering invaluable input as a teacher of writing, both at the college level, and currently, the high school level. Also, Mark has a growing body of published articles in the Hartford Courant and other scholarly journals.

They all agreed. A writing business was the perfect way to unite their skills and their passion for writing and offer a service that others truly needed. As the three women began bouncing ideas off their friends and family, they learned what a difficult task writing can be for some; while for others, the real challenge is simply a lack of time or staff. But one thing was for certain. The most important truth about good writing is that everyone needs it, from the highest business executive closing million dollars deals to the recent college graduate trying to land her first “real” job.

The members of Spectrum were certain that, as a team, they could fulfill those needs. With their collective experience in higher education, public education, and the corporate and non-profit worlds, there is virtually no one they can’t help.
“What makes our approach so effective is that we look at writing as an entire process,” said Dursin, “and we’re prepared to jump into that process at any point. We’ll work with our clients to generate initial ideas, frame those ideas into a well-crafted message, and translate it all into an agreed upon finished product.” Ferrante added, “Another feature that makes us stand out from other writing services is our ability to offer tutoring in writing. With our combined experience, we can reach students of all age levels.”

“From the seasoned business owner, to newly formed organizations, to individuals focused on managing their careers, our team brings a variety of experience to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations,” concluded Meyer.

As Spectrum Writing Services reaches its first anniversary, they look forward to widening their list of clients and spreading the message that good writing is a valuable skill that is worth paying for, no matter the type of business.

To learn more about Spectrum Writing Services, visit their website at or contact them at 860-716-8164.

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