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Police Advisories

Courtesy of the Marlborough Business Association
and the Resident State Trooper, Town of Marlborough

Police Advisory -
May 2005 Update

You may have seen in the news that three more “smash & grab” thefts have occurred this past weekend. In addition to the suggestions listed in our previous advisory, our resident trooper also suggests that you place a sign in the window stating that there is no cash on the premises after hours. If your register is in sight, leave the drawer visibly open. Report any suspicious activity immediately.

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Police Advisory -
April 2005

A number of business in Marlborough and surrounding towns have been the victims of what is called "smash and run" incidents. This is where a perpetrator breaks in by smashing the front door, steals the register or cash, and leaves without taking anything else. This usually occurs between midnight and 8:00am. The Resident Trooper suggested that no money be left in the register overnight and that any suspicious vehicles seen cruising in business areas be reported.

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