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October’s Meeting Highlights
Shari L. Covino

The October meeting was hosted at Sadler’s Ordinary and President Don Kuerner opened the meeting with introductions to new Association members: Mike Langlois, CPA of Langlois Consulting Group, LLC; Tony Sciarra of AGS Financial & Insurance Associates Group, LLC; Debe Ghirlanda of Silpada Designs, and Peter Catania of the Law Office of Peter D Catania. Don also made a summary of business activity throughout the past year. He stated that the association has grown substantially in membership as a result of the successful exposition held in October. Don stated that additional software is now being explored by webmaster Gil Thompson of Gilpages Web Design to further enhance member benefits on the site and that we are interested in receiving more content from our membership to post to the website.

Two members spoke on specific topics related to their business. Donna Finocchiaro of HomeWorks Professional Organizing spoke on the art of organizing space, a relatively new industry in Connecticut. As a professional organizer, Donna provided a few invaluable tips on how to start a project – and following through to the end. She provided simple steps of how maintaining organization can be an equally daunting task. “Everything has a place,” Donna said. “Start with small projects first.” she added. Her professional services are done one on one with clients usually billed at an hourly rate.

Dr. Steven Rafalowski introduced the topic of Lasik eye surgery and common vision problems. As he explained the Lasik procedure to members, among the most popular candidates are those that have nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. Rafalowski explained that the surgery takes about 10 minutes per eye, and that not everyone is a candidate. Those that may be myopic or have glaucoma or cataracts are not recommended for treatment as patients must otherwise have good eye health.

Trooper Manny Acosta provided an update on business crime prevention. A handout was available that lists important steps necessary to cut down on crime throughout the business community.

In closing, Don mentioned to members the upcoming November 17 meeting theme will be “Celebrating Your Accomplishments for the Year”. This will be a special evening dinner meeting held at Marlborough Tavern. Interested members seeking more information should contact Don at 652-4360, x48 or visit

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