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MBA Offers Students Business Savvy
By Shari L. Covino

Elmer Thienes Elementary School 6th graders gathered at the Second Annual Marlborough Business Association (MBA) Expo to interview business owners in what is the beginning of a new partnership between the Association and local schools. The event, held on October 1, brought in over 20 exhibitors, and the interviews - consisting of a series of related questions - were designed to show students what they can learn from business operations in town.

Sal Menzo, Elmer Thienes Elementary School Superintendent, organized the interviews with six of the school’s students currently on the Student Council. Among the students participating in the event were Skylar Ives, Theresa Kowal, Sydney Kern, Katie Callaghan, Julia Michalski, and Rachel Buck.

Based on meetings with the MBA that he attended, Sal wanted to begin a relationship between the school and the Town’s business association.

“We met over the summer and talked a little bit, and we tried to identify how the students could participate,” Sal said at the Expo. Sal also met with Linda Crossman and Ann Star of RHAM Middle School to further promote the career awareness program.

Click to view larger imageThe students will be invited back in the Spring to talk again with owners regarding both the student’s courses and how the owners got to this point in their professions. Sal stated that this initiative has created a career awareness program that will prepare students for RHAM Middle School’s business development program there.

“We’re trying to provide a jump start to seventh grade,” Sal said.

It seems to be working. The students were enthusiastic and eager to join in on the event as they made their way through the Expo, each student with their list of questions in hand.

RHAM Students Participate at Business Expo

The RHAM High School Video Production Club and RHAM DECA Club were both present at the Business Expo interviewing business owners for a production that will be broadcast on CVC later this month. Students Katie Grasso and Nick Lewis will later edit the footage for a 30-minute broadcast as part of a project produced by the DECA Club.

The DECA Business program’s leader is Tim Landry, Business Teacher at RHAM High and the program is designed to improve marketing and selling abilities amongst its students that allows them to become an active part of the business community. Click to view larger imageMembers can then participate in district, state, and national contests sponsored by the organization. Students must be currently enrolled or have been enrolled in any marketing education class, including courses such as Principles of Marketing, Retailing, Marketing Dynamics, and Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Professional Selling, Advertising, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and International Marketing in grades 10, 11, and 12. DECA is a nationally recognized program throughout the country.
Additionally, RHAM High School Junior Tucker Ives and Senior Mike Fowler, members of the school’s Video Production Club, were doing their part taping one-to-one interviews in another section of the Community Room. Look for those tapings on CVC in October.

Business Scholarship Awarded to RHAM Senior

Click to view larger imageKalil Lane, 18, Senior and resident of Marlborough received a $500 scholarship at the MBA Second Annual Business Expo for his scholastic and business program achievements at RHAM High School. As a member of the school’s business club, Kalil has been a member since he was a junior and is recognized for his participation in the club and accomplishments as a student there. Congratulations, Kalil!

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