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April 2005

Kitchen Renovation is no Ordinary Project

by Shari L. Covino

Good Friday is usually a quiet day at Sadler’s Ordinary. Not this year. Good Friday was the reopening of the restaurant located in the center of Marlborough town that went under major reconstruction efforts to revitalize its kitchen. The kitchen is now renovated to accommodate a larger quantity of meals and is better equipped to further satisfy its customers. In fact, one hundred forty dinners were prepared in one day alone. “It’s been a real learning experience,” says Kevin Haggerty, owner and co-chef at Sadler’s.

In early March, Sadler’s closed for the month in order to complete a major overhaul of the kitchen. It reopened again on Good Friday, only to find customers waiting in the parking lot for the doors to open. The floor, three new sinks, new fire extinguishers, new GFI’s, which is now a requirement and other new kitchen equipment, was installed making it a very expensive renovation project. “The sink alone was expensive,” Kevin grins, as he eagerly makes pancakes for the morning breakfast buffet and MBA member meeting.

Kevin also received many calls from “Sadler addicts”, and others who waited in the parking lot for the restaurant to open.

Kevin Making Pancakes

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