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February 17 Meeting

Bill Kenny Speaks on the Importance of Networking

By Shari L. Covino

At Thursday’s meeting, guest speaker and President of Networking You gave an informational blueprint on how to gain success through networking. Kenny, who has been in the business of networking for over 10 years, shared some of his proven techniques on how to start and sustain a business network.

Becoming skilled at networking takes time and practice and there are some valuable techniques to use, as Kenny explained to the group of members and guests. He spoke about the steps to negotiate and facilitate and spoke about solving problems and having resources to share with others. “You’ll get a lot more referrals when you’ve created value,” says Kenny, who provided insight from his prior years of corporate experience. Kenny stated the value of connecting with others and learning how to build relationships that work.

In order to be able to get good leads, one must be able to solve problems. In addition, one needs to be able to identify the sources that are available to you. Networking is an indirect way to connect and is about the ability to develop relations within the community.

Kenny provided examples of networking and becoming successful at it have greatly benefited him. “It must be purposeful,” he says. He shared with the group that one must find purpose in the process. That is not always easy, because it can be superficial. One must feel comfortable in developing relationships and communicating in general. Kenny believes that there is a lot of power in networking - one just has to be able to tap into it.

Bill Kenny will be conducting a two-part seminar in March which is being promoted by The Glastonbury Chamber. Keep checking this website as details unfold or contact Bill at 860) 573-4821.

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